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 GEMMS ONE streamlines clinical workflow and provides critical security measures to assist you in prescribing controlled substances electronically.

Our EHR is fully DEA and SureScripts certified, enabling prescribers to legally write prescriptions for Schedule II through V drugs to pharmacies electronically, within their normal workflow. We partner with Newcrop and Verizon, ensuring a seamless process for EPCS registering, two-factor identification, identity proofing, and security.

Use a Single Workflow
for prescribing all medications

Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse
by making it easy to spot overprescribing

Prevent "Doctor Shopping"
by making it easy to see a patient's controlled substance prescriptions from other providers

Prevent Prescription Fraud
by eliminating paper prescription pads that can be stolen, altered, or forged

We Can Get You Started

GEMMS ONE is your DEA-compliant e-prescribing and EPCS solution.
Go through the identity-proofing process to acquire two-factor authentication tokens required to sign EPCS prescriptions.
Bind your EPCS authentication token to your identity.
Begin using GEMMS ONE as your e-prescribing solution to EPCS.

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10201 N. Illinois Street
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Indianapolis, IN 46290
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About Us

For over 20 years GEMMS has been providing an easy to use EHR that is intuitive and contains a rich knowledge base that adapts to any workflow, allowing physicians and staff to focus on patient care.
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