Customer Testimonials

For over two decades, our customers speak proudly about their experience with GEMMS as a company and our technology.

“Longevity of the staff says a lot about the company they work for. We have been with GEMMS for 10 years and the same people are still there. I like that as I know who I am talking to.”
Practice Administrator, Clearwater, FL
“If I haven’t told you how much you have improved my workload by allowing me to have the RCM, I want to make sure that I tell you again! Every day there is another ‘can of worms’ that I find that I can use the RCM to help me find quickly.”
Practice Administrator
“GEMMS was instrumental in helping our practice continue to see patients during the middle of quarantine, getting us live with the Telehealth solution in under 48 hours was invaluable to our practice.”
Practice Administrator
“I have never gone into a practice and asked everyone how they like their EHR system and the staff had really no big complaints.”
Practice Administrator, California
“Also, just so you know, this query also allowed me to find $15,000 of unbilled appointments and much more for 2019 that we would never have found so thank you for all of your work. The uses are endless and I plan on using it in every way possible!!!”
Practice Administrator
"Your team is always very professional. Your support is excellent. We are very glad you are our business partner!”
Practice Administrator
“An EHR company that understands workflow and struggles that practices face is very rare. You guys are great to work with”
Practice Administrator
“GEMMS stood up a Telehealth solution within 2 weeks of COVID hitting, helping facilitate over 25K Telehealth visits during the peak of the pandemic.”
Practice Administrator, Atlanta, GA

GEMMS ONE is your complete EHR solution.