Our Team

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas, MBA

Executive Vice President

Scott has over 20 years of experience leading teams and companies across a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, and the US Air Force. He spent much of his career focused on the needs of the customer. Prior to joining GEMMS, Scott was the VP of Innovation with Picis, a surgery management software provider for hospitals in the US and Europe, where he focused on developing and evolving the product suite to meet the needs of end users. He also has Professional Services experience, leading the PS group for a division of Harris Computer, where his team supported over 2,300 clients.

Scott believes in building an organization with a culture of accountability and innovation that empowers every individual to deliver the best possible solutions for the client. At GEMMS, his main mission is to make it easier for cardiology physicians to deliver patient care and successfully run their practices.

James Clary

James Clary, MHI, PA-C

Director of Clinical Development

James has nearly 30 years of experience in the healthcare space, beginning his career as a Physician Assistant working in several successful cardiology practices. He has been with GEMMS for over 20 years and held several roles, including being a part of the original core clinical content development for the company’s product suite. He currently focuses on optimizing growth and delivering technology needs for clients. In addition to helping GEMMS clients, James works with end users across the Harris Healthcare family (which GEMMS is a part of!) to advance chronic care management adoption and help these users better serve patients.

Teresa Skipper

Teresa Skipper, CPC, CHCA

Director of Professional Services
With over 30 years of healthcare experience as a consultant, revenue cycle management director, implementation director, HIPAA compliance officer, and more, Teresa focused her career on working as a client liaison and delivering the optimal solution for practices across the US. In her current role, she leads the Profession Services team in executing work plans for clients, while also continually working to improve processes and developing more efficient implementation methods.
Sherri Boeding

Sherri Boeding

Manager of Support Services
With over 25 years of experience in the Medical Application Support industry and nearly 20 years at GEMMS, Sherri is committed to creating the best customer experience possible. Her current focus is to guarantee all Support issues are handled properly, promptly, and with excellent service. She also coordinates with other teams within GEMMS to analyze data and solve complex issues for clients as quickly as possible. Sherri is a hands-on manager who continues to solve customer issues, and users may even speak with her as she works on support tickets with her team!
Larry Grider

Larry Grider, MPH, PA-C

Executive Consultant
For the past 30 years, Larry focused on medical informatics and the use of leading-edge technology in the clinical setting. He previously held roles as VP of Operations and VP of Research and Development, where he built his understanding of how to meet the needs of the client. His current focus is developing clinical pathway models and EHR functionality requirements to ensure maximum efficiency for the end-user and compliance with government mandates.
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