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With over two decades of cardiology EHR expertise, we offer seamless
migrations from your existing EHR to GEMMS ONE.

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Our team of experienced clinicians are trusted advisors in ensuring you receive the maximum value from the GEMMS ONE EHR. GEMMS will devote the resources and time to see that your physicians and staff become experts in using the GEMMS ONE EHR. Our training is custom-tailored to your needs.


After implementation, GEMMS continues to provide updates on tips and best practices for GEMMS ONE EHR, as well as the latest news regarding regulatory compliance issues that will affect your practice.


  • Clinic Additions
    • QA Additions
    • QA Creation
    • Question Additions
    • Choice Additions
  • Tree Additions
    • New Trees i.e. Telehealth, CCM
    • New Tree Node i.e. Specific Function, Display Current Medications
  • Dashboard Additions
  • Document/Letter Additions

Implementation and Optimization

  • Practice Optimizations
    • System Review and Analysis
    • Workflow Review and Analysis
    • Consulting Services
  • New Practice Implementation
    • Install/Setup
    • Super User Training (Practice Management/Clinical)
    • User Training (Practice Management/Clinical)
    • Provider Training
  • Existing Practice Implementation
    • Consulting
    • Super User Training (Practice Management/Clinical)
    • User Training (Practice Management /Clinical)
    • Provider Training
    • Add On Application Training


GEMMS also provides additional services to enhance your experience.

  • Through our client List-Serve, you can collaborate with other cardiology groups within the GEMMS family. 
  • Using our robust reporting engine, you can monitor the key clinical and financial information essential to managing your practice. 
  • GEMMS ONE users can become members of the GEMMS customer roundtable to help us continue to innovate and address your changing needs.
  • Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substance Registration
  • Creation of New Environments
  • Creation of New Data Bases
  • Fee Schedule Updates/Maintenance
  • Temporary Revenue Cycle Management Services
  • Table Updates
  • Custom Reports
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Hosting Services
  • Data Migrations
  • Data Partnerships
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GEMMS ONE is your complete EHR solution.

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