GEMMS ONE EHR is a fully interoperable and integrated application
that allows “real-time” merging of clinical processes and revenue cycle management. 

Female physician sitting at her desk and working on her digital tablet.

It seamlessly connects to external revenue cycle management programs that might be used in larger enterprises so that you can get the efficiency of Cardiovascular Clinical workflow while supporting the revenue cycle requirements of larger enterprises.

Compliance with governmental regulations and payer requirements is simplified, enhancing operational and financial performance.

Female physician sitting at her desk and working on her digital tablet.
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Key Features


The GEMMS PHR provides a complete and accurate summary of an individual’s medical history which is accessible online.

Working Patient List

A view where users can build their own custom “to-do” list, or a shared list may be created for users to work as a group.

Patient Document Viewer

Some physician specialties can spend a significant amount of time rounding at the hospital viewing charts, meeting with patients and conversing with other physicians involved in care.

Patient Portal

Fully Integrated the GEMMS Patient Portal enhances office workflow and encourages Patient Self-Service, Receive Payments Faster and Increase Patient Satisfaction.


GEMMS PACS provides the capability to create custom reports based upon automated retrieval of diagnostic information from digital imaging.

Clinical Decision Support

The Clinical Decision Support platform leverages the world’s largest library of evidence-based medical knowledge to provide real-time patient and population assessment at the point of care.

Direct Mail Messaging

Also known as Direct Exchange, GEMMS partners with Updox to securely send protected health information encrypted over the internet from one provider to

Automated Referrals

Automated faxing solutions of documents to referring physician, save hours of time as you eliminate the need to manually process faxes or referral. 

Clinical Dashboard

Clinical Dashboard gives physicians access to a wealth of information that is
captured in the patients chart in a user friendly format.

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GEMMS ONE is your complete EHR solution.

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