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Practice Management Tools

Practice Management Tools



Do you have rotating schedules that constantly need to be updated? PM Tools allows you to save templates and roll them out on an as needed basis, saving you the time in creating the template every time you have to update your schedules.

Small Balance Write-offs

Allows the user to write-off several accounts with Patient Responsible Balances all at one time and if needed, export what is to be written off to an Excel spreadsheet. This saves the user time since it will no longer be necessary to write-off a balance one account at a time.

Credit Balance Accounts

Multiple Credit Balance Accounts can be adjusted off at one time. This process is very handy for processing refunds. Results can be exported to an excel spreadsheet.

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Rebill Posted Claims

Do you ever have the need to rebill an entire batch of claims that have already been sent to the clearinghouse? The "rebill posted claims" feature in PM Tools allows you the flexibility to rebill an entire batch.  

ICD-10 Exclusion List

Gone are the days of claim rejections because the ICD-10 code was not carried out to the highest specificity. The ICD-10 Exclusion List is maintained by the practice, and contains ICD-10 codes that are not billable. Claims are scrubbed in claims processing for invalid ICD-10 codes that appear in the exclusion list, giving PM staff the ability to correct claims before they leave the office.

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