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Patient Document Viewer

Patient Document Viewer


Some physician specialties can spend a significant amount of time rounding at the hospital viewing charts, meeting with patients and conversing with other physicians involved in care. 

  • What if you had a tool that was flexible enough to allow viewing of pertinent patient data found in your office chart while rounding on patients in the hospital? Would it save you time when making rounds in the hospital?
  • GEMMS offers a web-based application that allows the user to view pertinent patient medical data, view, download or print patient documents that have been saved in their GEMMS ONE clinical repository. The Web functionality of the PDV allows use with tablets, smart phones, or any internet workstation using browser technology (IE 8 – IE 11, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari).


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For over 20 years GEMMS has been providing an easy to use EHR that is intuitive and contains a rich knowledge base that adapts to any workflow, allowing physicians and staff to focus on patient care.
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