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Clinical Dashboard

Clinical Dashboard


Clinical Dashboard gives physicians access to a wealth of information that is captured in the patients chart in a user friendly format.

Workflow View: 
Inside the chart, physicians and clinical staff can see the names of other related providers assisting in the care of the patient. Knowing the patients’ insurance type is important when ordering tests and labs. The GEMMS Workflow View maintains the most current insurance information. Other pertinent information found in the GEMMS Workflow View are: Portal Activity, HIPAA Release Authorization, Advanced Directives, Date of last documentation, Patient address, phone numbers, and appointments.

Meaningful Use: Clinical Quality Measures

(CQM’s)provides a list of measures the patient qualifies for, and lets you know if you have met the measure for a particular patient.

Screening for High Blood Pressure
(CMS 022)
Patient Has Normal Blood Pressure (118/68)
Documentation of Current Medications
(CMS 068)
Medication Reconciliation Documented Today
BMI Screening and Follow-up
(CMS 069)
Normal BMI (23.43) Recorded Today
Smoking Cessation and Intervention
(CMS 138) 
Patient is Documented As Being a Tobacco Non-User
Falls: Screening For Future Fall Risk
(CMS 139) 

Screening Last Documented On 10/12/2016

Documented Via Orders

HF: Beta-Blocker Therapy For LVSD (LVEF <40%)
(CMS 144)
Patient Has Been Prescribed Toprol Xl
ICD: Use of Aspirin or Another Antithrombotic
(CMS 164)
Patient Has Other Forms of Acute Ischemic Heart Disease and Is On Aspirin


Clinical Decision Support:

GEMMS utilizes Persivia to provide a broad array of analytical and clinical decision support solutions. The Clinical Decision Support platform leverages the world's largest library of evidence-based medical knowledge to provide clinicians with real-time patient and population assessment at the point of care.


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