Customer Testimonials

For over two decades, our customers speak proudly about their experience with GEMMS as a company and our technology.

"We have been a satisfied user of GEMMS EMR for the past 4 years. The system in easily customizable and user-friendly. It has allowed us to run our practice as efficiently and smoothly as possible and provide great service to our patients. Plus, the GEMMS help desk and customer service are quick and responsive, which is hard to find with other vendors. The GEMMS patient portal system allows patients to interact with our staff quickly and easily, which is a huge patient and staff satisfier. We highly recommend GEMMS for anyone searching for an EMR system."
Sheri Krueger
Director of Cardiovascular Services
Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin
"I wanted to follow up and thank you for visiting our office for superuser training. I have heard a lot of positive feedback from those who attended. I think the timing was very beneficial as we are hoping to implement more organized and efficient workflows for all departments."
Michelle Simpson, RN
Director of Clinical Services
Florida Heart Associates
"On behalf of myself and Dr. Guinn – we just wanted to share our gratitude and appreciation for Cathy French. We could go on-and-on for the multitude of time, effort, guidance, training and assistance Cathy has provided to us over the past 20 years, but today I just want to share what a HUGE accomplishment she achieved in finding a solution to a problem we have been experiencing for quite some time (see below trouble ticket). Being one of only 3 independent cardiologists in the Columbus area, the challenges we face are endless. Yet, Cathy has never been less than timely, efficient, patient and attentive to every problem brought to her. She has handle every challenge with clarity, determination, resourcefulness and professionalism. While we are grateful and blessed with every person we have encountered with GEMMS, Cathy is above all our very favorite! She takes every opportunity to educate and enlighten us on the GEMMS applications and offers suggestions on how we can better utilize the system to be more efficient! No one does that anymore!!! Most vendors want you to be dependent on them – job security, I guess. Not Cathy! It is our position, that Cathy is a priceless gem not only to GEMMS but to the clients she serves. Sorry, I guess I did go on-and-on, but it was my goal to express the gratitude and appreciation that we have for Miss Cathy French and that when we can’t our blessings at Thanksgiving next week, we will most certainly be including her!" " Thank you for lending an ear and may you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday, "
Wende Swanson
Chief Operations Officer
E.P.I. (Electrophysiology and Pacing Interventionalists)
"GEMMS has an excellent, professional support team. They are quick to respond to requests for assistance. During every interaction, their knowledgeable staff strives to help make our practice successful whether it is offering workflow guidance or a creative solution to a pressing issue. The GEMMS One software is continuously being updated with application improvements and third-party integrations. Their software upgrades are carefully planned, fully tested, and are delivered well in advance of all regulatory compliance deadlines. Comprehensive documentation and other training materials are provided to ensure all questions are answered. The GEMMS management team consistently provides excellent service and is always open to feedback from their clients. Consequently, GEMMS created many tools to simplify maintenance and customization tasks. It is a pleasure to work with GEMMS as we constantly modernize our healthcare technology."
Connie Kleber
Clearwater Cardiovascular Consultants
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